Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hello again!

The full schedule, including start times and projected running times, can be found in a handy little document here!

We here at Team BedFest can hardly believe that this starts on Monday. It's been a long time coming, and we are so excited to get the actual festival underway!

See you at Bedlam x

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Dire Chronical from Ian Culleton, the Publicity Manager PART II

The mysterious Mr. King, if that was indeed truly his name, withdrew from his pocket a swatch of cloth, wrapping it around his wounds.  I could see him wincing with the pain, but through gritted teeth he said to me, "We can't stay here.  Got to keep moving."  Then he drew out another swatch of cloth, holding it out to me with his only remaining functional hand.  "Now it's time for you to make a decision.  I can't allow you to see the route we'll be taking; so you can put on that blindfold, and let me guide you, or you can get the hell out of here and hope the cops never find you."

I could hear the distinctive wailing of European sirens in the distance, and highly distressed though I was, I hesitated for only a moment before I took up the cloth and my trembling hands wrapped it around my eyes.  

I cannot now recall much of that dark journey, I was still thoroughly shaken from seeing a man die and my mind conjured up all varieties of strange and loathesome apparitions which ran their gangly limbs across my blind face.  How I managed to keep pace with my companion I will never know, and it was only after what seemed like hours to me that hands behind me untied my blindfold.

I looked around.  The room they had put me in was pitch dark, and I sat at the end of a long, wooden table.  The only light in the room came directly down onto this table, which was bare save for the curling smoke trail rising from the opposite end.  For a moment I was confused as to the origins of this wisp, until a faint orange glow betrayed the darkling figure sucking contentedly on a stogie.

"So," said a voice, and I must admit to being somewhat surprised that the voice was female, "This is your man, Seb?"  With a pause and a puff of smoke, she let out a small laugh.  "Pathetic.  He's hardly worth the flesh on his bones."

From somewhere behind me, I heard the gruff voice of Mr. King say, "Don't be so quick to discount him.  I've seen his work, and it is competent, to say the least.  He's charismatic-- people seem to like him, and what's more, our enemies seem to distinctly dislike him, which says more to me than any resume ever could."

I gulped hard, and gathering myself together, said, "Is this about my work as a taxidermist?"

At that, both of them laughed.  "No, no, we have no desire or need to stuff animals.  This is about your other career."

At this I despaired somewhat, for it was clear that they knew of my somewhat less legitimate work as an artist and organizer for the shadowy internet hacking syndicate known as LulzSec.  "Look--  look, I needed the money.  If you're from the CIA--"

"No, Mr. Culleton, you've got this all wrong.  All we want is a publicity manager."  There was another pause, and another puff of smoke.  Then Mr. King said, "Well, Rachel?  is he in?"

This woman, apparently named Rachel, leaned forward into the light, her face still obscured from the brim of her fedora.  "I'll make a deal with you, Seb.  You shave that rat's nest you've got growing on your upper lip, and he's in."
From behind me came a reluctant grunt. "He's in, then."

Monday, December 10, 2012

Official Festival Schedule Released!

Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce that the official schedule for Bedlam Festival 2013 has now been released! Just follow the link here and jump to the week of 20 January - 26 January.

We've got an exciting line-up of shows and workshops for the festival, and on behalf of the entire team, I cannot wait for the week to begin.

Speaking of the line-up, we've got good news and bad news. The bad news is that Techologues has had to unfortunately drop out of the festival. However, the good news is that we have a new show, Night, Mother, taking its place.

Hope to see you all at Bedlam Theatre for the festival!

On behalf of the BedFest team,
Rachel x

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Show line-up revealed

Sorry everything has been a bit quiet on the blog over the last few days - we've been working on selecting and programming the shows for BedFest 2013. And at last decisions have been made, which means that we can reveal the line-up:

Opening Gala

Forty-seven years after its world premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe, Tom Stoppard's absurdist, existentialist tragi-comedy is given new life on the Edinburgh stage by director John Rushton.

Closing Performance

The madness returns to Bedlam in a play entirely written, produced, directed, rehearsed, acted, designed, staged and teched in 24 hours. Last year's was about time-travel, archaeologists and Russian spies. Who knows what may unfold this year...

Charity Matinee

Devised from the book of tales told to wizarding children all over the world, Bedlam creates a suitably dark show for children. All profits will go to Lumos, a charity which helps kids who are in care.

These gala performances are scheduled with three new theatre strands: New Writing, New Ideas, Modern Classics and The Comedy Club.

New Writing, New Ideas

The annual showcase of short new writing returns, with pieces selected by James Beagon and Andy Edwards (who run the Bedlam Writing Workshop).

A new work by Rachael Murray, a monologue for two actors.

Some of the best writing from the students of Edinburgh University's new playwrighting course.
(*Working title)

A new experimental work where lighting and sound design takes centre-stage.
(*Working title)

Three monologues, in which three people take turns to perform, write and direct.

Modern Classics 

AFTER THE END, by Dennis Kelly
Produced and directed by Athina Kefalopoulou and Rebecca Bonallie.

THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, by Harold Pinter
Produced by Rosie Pierce, and directed by Sibylla Archdale Kalid.

INDEPENDENCE, by Lee Blessing
Produced by Hannah Oliver, and directed by Alex Harwood and Amanda Fleet.

HEDDA GABLER, by Henrik Ibsen
Produced by Dan Harris, and directed by Richard Martyn-Hemphill.

The Comedy Club

Edinburgh's resident improv troupe return to BedFest with not just one, but two performances!

In their latest show, 'Talking Limbo', from the sketch group that brought you 'Ship of Fools: Children of Twelchford' last Fringe, there are new sketches and new laughs.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Dire Chronical from Ian Culleton, the Publicity Manager PART I

Friends, I do not mean to be rude, but drop whatever it is you are doing and focus all of your attention on me.

I hope you are sitting down.  If you are not, I will give you a moment to find a chair.

Sitting now?  good.  Strap in, because I am about to recount to you the story of how I came upon this noble position.  It is a tale of intrigue, sorrow, and woe, including cosmic revelations which have made lesser men than myself go babbling mad.

It was in the summer of 1968 that I was first approached about the position.  I was sitting in a small cafe  in Budapest, drinking my coffee Americano style, which I feel is my duty as a patriot.  I was just finishing the Saturday crossword when I heard a man sit down, heavily, in the chair across from me.  He wore a long, dark trenchcoat, with wiry spectacles and a ginger moustache which managed to make it almost all the way to his ears before curling up in the most glorious fashion.  But that was not what I noticed first, my friends; what I noticed first was the gun he had casually trained on my solar plexus.

I gulped, but before I could make a noise, he hissed at me commandingly from across the table. "Don't make a sound.  Your life is in danger.  Now, get up.  Move to the door."

Having nothing else to do, I arose, the man pocketing the gun but keeping it pointed at me through the burgundy cloth.  We moved towards the door and discretely he pointed me down the street to a small park.  Behind us, a man in a long-brimmed fedora arose slowly, folded his paper, and moved to pay.  The gunman behind me glanced back at him, noting him again.  There was a sense of urgency in his desire to leave, and this was not lost on me, for the man in the fedora had spooked me.  We moved hurriedly down the street, and as we did...  so did the dark figure behind us.

We reached the deserted old park at what might be described the brink of a run, and the mustachioed man whirled violently, making sure there were no witnesses save the flickering street lamp above.  Our stalker withdrew from his pocket a Luger and, without delay, fired two shots into the shoulder of the man at my side.  Unfazed, my companion pulled out his Beretta and shot his assailant in kind.  The man let out an "oof," and slumped back against the wall, his dark coat masking the blood flowing freely from his chest.

All of this was quite disturbing to me.  I had never seen a man shot before, you see.   I gulped heavily, and then managed to choke out, "who--  who are you?"

My companion moved to the body, and kneeling he pulled back the hat.  "Davies," he said softly.  "I might have guessed they'd send you to do the dirtywork."  then he rounded on me, bowing and declaring, "My name is Sebastian King, and I'm here to change your life."

Introduction: Co-Stage Manager


This is Eleri Boyesen and I'll be co-theatre manager for Bedfest along with the fabulous Clara and Liz. Go girl power! Manager is our name and managing is our game: we aim to keep Bedlam nice and organised during Bedfest so that everyone can find everything they need.

This is my first year at Edinburgh University, studying French and English Literature. I seem to have an affinity for everything french - Paris, patisserie, Debussy, cheese, wine,  - and when I'm not indulging in these (when I get the chance, the first one being the hardest to arrange) you will catch me watching Breakfast at Tiffany's or with a good novel in my hand.

I am from Wales and much to everyone's chagrin, I do not have a Welsh accent - sorry to burst the illusion, but I don't have any sheep in my back field either!

Finally, Bedlam is great! It's so great for getting involved and I feel very grateful that I have been asked as a fresher to join the Bedfest team - thanks guys!

Cariad mawr

Eleri x

Introductions - Stage

Hello everyone! 

My name is Liz Mills, and I am going to be helping our lovely Theatre Managers Clara and Eleri during BedFest. 

I will mainly be helping with Stage, so I will be around during the Get ins and the Get outs to help your stage managers in any way I can with set and props.  I'll probably end up covered in paint, and I might learn to use a saw properly. 

Who knows. 

When not in Bedlam, I am a third year History student here at Edinburgh.  I've done a few shows over the last couple of years, but mostly I spend my waking hours in the library writing essays and reading boring books about history (I shouldn't say they're boring, should I?). 

I'm sort of from Sunderland but actually from Aberdeenshire and although Clara and I share a last name we are, unfortunately, not related. 

That's all for now!
Liz :)